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Progesterone Cream

2 Oz Pump
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Cream 2 Oz Jar
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Cream 3 Jars 2 Oz ea
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Heartland Progesterone Cream now called
Uber Balance!

Heartland Progesterone Cream from Heartland Naturals
The most effective method of restoring natural progesterone levels is with the proper supplementation of transdermall applied natural progesterone.
Heartland Natural Pregesterone Cream is a technologically advanced, light and greaseless moisturizing cream.
Heartland Progesterone Cream contains 960 mg per 2 ounce jar of natural progesterone in a hypoallergenic aloe vera base. Free of colors and fragrance.
For women and men alike, progesterone facilitates your own body's natural hormones, which is essential to good health and well being. Additional benefits can occur such as: improved brain function, diminished muscular aches and pains, improvement of skin problems including acne,rosacea, seborrhea,psoriasis and keratoses, and improved sleep pattern. 


Where do I apply natural progesterone?
Natural progesterone in a moisturizing cream can be applied to the face, neck, chest, inner arms, palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. Uber Balance can be applied to the same capillary beds for as long as needed. The cream is readily absorbed and leaves no trace after a few minutes. During absorption, the progesterone bypasses the liver and goes to specific receptor sites
PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is different. Some women and men require more progesterone cream to help alleviate symptoms, while others can use less. For the first 3 months, use one 2 oz. jar/pump per month. Next try cutting back on the amount of natural progesterone each month until estrogen dominant symptoms occur again. Then return to the last dosage used when you didn’t experiece symptoms. 

How do I use natural progesterone cream?
According to Dr. John R. Lee, use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon two times per day for the following: (When using a pump each pump delivers 1/8 of a teaspoon)
: Start applying cream 12 days after the first day of your period and continue through day 26¬28 (depending on length of cycle).
: Start applying cream 8 days after the first day of your period and use through day 26-28.
Irregular Periods
: Start applying cream 10 days after first day of your period and stop on day 28. If your period begins before day 28, discontinue use. Start counting to day 10 and resume use and stop on day 28. It may take 3 to 6 months to regulate the cycle.
Hysterectomies, Menopause, Postmenopause, or Osteoporosis:
Apply for 25 consecutive days. Stop for five days and resume use. Repeat monthly.
: Use 1/8 teaspoon two times per day. All of the time. No break is needed.

What exactly is natural progesterone and how does it differ from synthetic progesterone?
Natural progesterone is derived from diosgenin obtained from an organic tubar. Through a laboratory process, diosgenin is synthesized into the progesterone molecule identical to progesterone in the body.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers alter the chemical makeup of progesterone in order to create synthetic progestins. Progestins in their altered molecular structure are not natural to the body and may cause many side effects.
Can natural progesterone help with fibrocystic breasts?
Fibrocystic breasts are merely a sign of estrogen dominance (relatively high estrogen levels and low progesterone levels); therefore, using physiological doses of progesterone may eliminate fibrocystic breasts in a few months.
Can I use natural progesterone if there is family history of breast or uterine cancer?
Dr. Lee recommends it in his books on menopause, pre-menopause and breast cancer. Breast cancer and endometrial cancer are two cancers that are related to gonadal (estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone) hormones. The cancers occur in tissues sensitive to these gonadal hormones. Unopposed estrogen is the only known cause of endometrial cancer, though there may be other factors involved. Unopposed estrogens are also thought to contribute to breast cancer.
I am already taking hormones from my doctor, why should I switch to natural progesterone?
Dr. Lee mentions in his books that natural hormones are simply an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Synthetic progesterone (known as progestins) has many side effects and synthetic estrogen may be dangerous to your health, especially if taken without natural progesterone. If someone is taking estrogen (HRT), a positive step is to start natural progesterone cream and gradually reduce the estrogen.
** If you are using birth control pills or injections, it is important that you discontinue use when you start on natural progesterone.
I’m postmenopausal, will I start menstruating again if I use natural hormones? Occasionally, upon beginning use of natural hormone supplementation, a postmenopausal woman could experience some breakthrough bleeding or a "period." This is a perfectly normal response and is nothing to cause alarm. The progesterone is simply causing the body to rid it self, of excess stored estrogen which can sometimes stimulate a uterine shedding-thus breakthrough bleeding. It may take 3 to 6 months to regulate your cycle.
I have facial hair, especially above my upper lip, that requires shaving occasionally. What causes this?
This is a condition called "hirsutism" (defined as excessive growth of facial and body hair). It indicates that there is a hormonal imbalance between estrogen, testosterone (the dominant hormone) and progesterone. Progesterone acts as a regulator for the entire endocrine system. A woman who has the hirsute problem probably has PMS, too. Both menopausal and menstruating women have reported that facial (and body) hair decreased or completely disappeared after three to six months of regular application of cream as previously described. Natural progesterone is needed to effect proper hormonal balance.  
Is natural progesterone useful after a hysterectomy and for menopausal women?
Many women experience hot flashes following a premenopausal hysterectomy and in the beginning of the natural onset of menopause. Natural progesterone may be effective for relieving hot flashes. Many women have reported a complete cessation of flushing within 3 to 8 weeks.
Is natural progesterone indicated for osteoporosis?
Many medical authorities tell female patients who are postmenopausal that osteoporosis is inevitable. John R. Lee, MD proved this often repeated statement is simply untrue. The results of his clinical study with women are noteworthy. Patients experienced new bone density ranging from 5 to 40 percent for women who used natural progesterone cream from 6 to 48 months. His results also indicated this therapy is successful even several decades after menopause. One of his elderly patients has been using natural progesterone cream for many years and has a greater than 50 percent new bone density as proven by dualphoton absorptiometry. Dr. Lee found osteoporosis may be prevented or reversible in many cases.
Do natural hormones help vaginal dryness?
Vaginal dryness can occur in women of all ages for various reasons, but it is primarily present in postmenopausal women. Natural hormones in a cream base can be used intravaginally and has been very successful in treating vaginal dryness vulvar atrophy associated with aging.
Are there any other benefits of natural progesterone use?
Additional benefits for women may include: improved brain function, diminished muscular aches and pains, improvement of skin problems including acne, seborrhea, rosacea, psoriasis keratoses, and improved sleep pattern.


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