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ControlScan has tested Nokomis Nutrition for over 11,500 known website security vulnerabilities and reviewed their privacy procedures. ControlScan has also conducted an in depth business background verification and awarded Nokomis Nutrition with the ControlScan seals of approval.

You can shop in confidence knowing your personal information is safe with Nokomis Nutrition.

ControlScan's ID Theft Protected Certification means that the certified site is:
Securing your credit card data in a safe and locked environment
securely disposing your personal data when it is no longer needed
securing their network by using antivirus and spyware programs to prevent malicious data attacks.

Training our staff on the importance of not divulging personal data to unauthorized parties and performing criminal background checks on all staff members who have access to your personal data.

Nokomis Nutrition Shopping cart meets the Payment Application Best Practices

Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) Program Promotes Secure Payment Applications

Recognizing that data security is a collaborative effort on the part of multiple entities in the payment chain, Visa implemented the PABP initiative to promote the use of secure payment applications. The comprehensive PABP program:

  •  Helps software vendors develop payment applications that do not store prohibited cardholder account or transaction data
  • Ensures payment applications are developed using secure coding procedures to guard against common attack methods
  •  Ensures merchants and agents use software vendors whose payment applications have been validated by a Visa-approved security assessor
  • Prevents data compromises and helps payment chain participants comply with the PCI DSS

To view Visa’s PABP in its entirety, along with a list of validated payment applications, please visit

Enabling secure online payments

Consumers should feel confident every time they pay online. Get the tools and information you need to make your transactions secure.

SSL protection

Our online transactions are protected by the security protocol SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL provides you with sound privacy protection by encrypting the channel of communication between you and the consumer. Using a mathematical formula, SSL puts the information you exchange into a complex code. Think of it as a kind of armor over the information. Even if intercepted, your data would be extremely difficult to read.

How SSL works

SSL helps the consumer’s browser automatically scramble their information—such as a credit card number—before it gets sent to the merchant. After that, SSL allows only the merchant’s software to unscramble this data. Through SSL, you and your customers can complete transactions with the assurance that no one else can read or change their payment information as it travels over the Internet.

Today SSL is considered more than enough security for consumers to do business with merchants they know and trust.

Identifying SSL

To find out if your transaction is guarded by SSL, look for the picture of the unbroken key or closed lock in your browser window (Netscape and Microsoft browsers all use SSL). Either indicator means SSL is activated. If you don’t see either sign, or if you see a broken key or an open lock, the SSL is not working to protect your transaction.

Another quick way to see if SSL is guarding your transaction is to check the URL of the site you are visiting. It should change from “http” to “https” when processing secure transactions.